Air freight

We work against the clock in delivering your cargo in any size, type or frequency.  Never say never to all be it perishable or hazardous as we have the optimum solution for all your air freight requirements.

We intent on taking nothing for granted as each is item is handled with care through our door-to-door delivery system.

Air freight carriers

With an array of reliable airlines and air freight carriers with the expertise and capacity to handle your shipments you can be certain your cargo will arrive to any part of the world on time, within budget and in one piece.

Sea Freight

Why worry about cost? With our competitive rates, vast capacity and frequent movement to all ports worldwide, we create ease-of business to all your sea based logistical needs.  Don’t allow this option to overwhelm you as we have experienced employees with detailed knowledge of local and international export and import compliance. Our staff can assist you in understanding each country’s requirements, as well as local pickup and last mile delivery.


Our extensive services include the efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive road haulage services ensuring the secure delivery of your cargo.

Customs Clearance

Rest assured as we handle your documentation with our first-hand knowledge of local conditions, rules and regulations worldwide. This includes customs clearance, security, license requirements and compliance with other local regulations.

Project Cargo Logistics

We provide innovative solutions to all project related logistics including heavy lift shipments from start to finish of the project -ensuring the timely delivery of your valuable goods.

Cross – Trade Logistics

Our dedicated team of specialists, experienced in all aspects of cross trade, enables you to ship cargo direct from any origin to any destination through an enhanced global support network.

Warehousing & 3PL

We provide extensive support through our expert warehouse management for your supply chain, handling the most complex issues with ease.

We guarantee personalized Total Logistics Services to meet your multiple requirements

Booking cargo space, negotiating freight charges, freight consolidation, preparation of shipping and export documents, tracking International & domestic transportation, warehousing, cargo insurance